Mỹ Linh
Children are engaged in paid work.Some people regard this completel wrong,others consider it good for children

Academic essay:

In recent, there is recognization that children should be learnt to be people to have type of paid work. It is considered that paid - jobs will make greatly contribution to their valuable experience, learning and even their responsibilities. This issue is quite complicated because like everything else, there is undoubtedly two sides of this. In this essay, I will discuss about this argument.

First and foremost, each child has specific abilities. Apparently, they were born in the different families and has a special ability even from the pregnant. However, they're not commonly put in the available environment to develop fullfill their own abilities. Their parents just give them to a paid work and setting all their hope on their children to become a businesman or engineer. The children should be allowed to work their tasty job to reach their dream.

Secondly, each work requires the particularly skills which is learnt and taken responsible from all the employees. It means that the children can get the experience from the lesson and take the responsibilities which is not depended on only paid - work.

To conclude, the parents should be raise awareness to change their mind about the stuff allows their children going to the future with their abilities on foot.

Mar 6, 2017 5:13 PM