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Promotions should give to employees inside company and not to somebody outside company/new hiring.Agree or not

In the past, higher positions in a company should be filled with loyal inside individuals. These days, in a modern world, people have different views about which one is derserved to be promoted for such positions, inside or outside employees. In my opinion, we should take equal consideration in choosing the proper one to fill such positions.

It is first noted that many inside employees should be promoted to higher positions because of their loyalty and dedication for a long time. They have already adapted to the company's policies and its business culture rather than to have a higher position as a derserving internal candidates. The experience accumulated throughout years of working allows these employees to effectively deal with any problems occuring in the company. But notably, my opinion also includes that a company should not promote an internal one to high level position if he is not truly derversed and qualified enough.

In the meantime, considering the talented and proper candidates outside company cannot be overlooked during the recruitment. There exists a fact that promoting the employees based on the length of work might not be fair and risky to the computer's future. So competitive is the corporate world is that people often switch their jobs and companies hire and five employees more frequently than ever before. From this regard, the companies should not limit the hiring policy so as not to fall behind other companies who own better and more derserving decision makers. Stimultaneously, if only outsiders are promoted, the company cannot develop in the long run due to the scarcity of loyal people.

Considering both of the facts, the hiring authority should inform the internal candidates and invite outside ones to apply for the higher level vacancies. It is should not be influenced by any prejudice or outdated rules so both inside and outside employees should be given the equal opportunities to compete for such high positions.

Mar 6, 2017 6:13 PM
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You make some great points on this topic. I personally believe that if individuals within the company are qualified and experienced enough for a promotion, they should be given the opportunity to fill those positions first. However, if this is not the case, I think the companies should think of seeking employees elsewhere instead of moving forward with someone that may not be best suited for the position. 

Nowadays, people tend to pursue higher education and the job market can be very competitive. I do understand the concept of "loyalty" within a company but to me, it's more of a matter of whether an individual is a good match for the job or not regardless of anything else. At the end, a business will work best when people work hard and have the ability to complete the work at hand. As such, if a new position is needed and no suitable candidates are identified within the company, I definitely think is best to look for options outside the company.  Chances are the employer will find great choices outside the agency which ultimately will be what is best for the company. 

March 6, 2017
Inside employees should only be promoted when they have the necessary capabilities to do the new job with a  reasonably short amount of training.  Sometimes none of the current employees have the capabilities to manage at a higher level. The business as a whole may be better off bringing in someone from the outside, especially if it is critical to the success of the business, such as, for example, in a technology corporation,  the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Choosing someone within the organization for that kind of position in that kind of industry could sink the business if there is not someone with good skills and training for the job.  
March 6, 2017