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People who really need help

For some people life is very hard. They really need help and beg for money in the streets, in the work places. But some people choose profession as to beg money from others and they make great and interesting history in order to get money. 

Now I want to know are there many people in your hometown who beg money and do you believe them, do you give them money? 

Mar 7, 2017 1:40 PM
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Leyla, people in Jordan are in need! Poor people in my hometown wouldn't beg for money,

their pride forbids them! But I know some of the big families there that can only afford to

eat some bread and drink tea, and they would never even dream about eating real food!

I do believe them because some people I trust would assure me that those families are in

real need and anything we can give them, won't go in vain or be wasted!

In Amman, the capital city where I live, unfortunately we do have many people in need

as well! The economy is under zero and those who are supposed to protect your money

are actually stealing it from the mouths of the poor! Some of those poor people would

sell simple things in the streets, and others would just ask for help without selling anything.

I do believe them knowing how crazy expensive life is in Jordan! With a shameful and inhuman

government that adds taxes on a daily basis! Sometimes I think it's good that people aren't

losing their minds. I just feel awful that they even have to ask for one of their basic rights; to

be fed without humiliating themselves.

I do give them money of course, and going in my walks I try to pass by the streets where I 

know I can find them, this is the least I could do. It's enough that I can eat and they can't, I

don't need to see them dead in the streets to make sure they are honest.

I used to cook for some poor people who used to come knocking on my door, and without

they notice I saw them many times with my own eyes eating from that food before they even

leave my building! This has only one meaning; they are really hungry! What a miserable world

we are living in...

March 7, 2017


You asked an important question and received some great answers.
I am sure that every religion tells us to share our good fortune with those who are in need (those who are needy).

There was a four-day period in my life when I had no money, no place to live, and no money to buy food.
I slept in my car and decided to go to a government office to apply for financial assistance (welfare), but I stood outside the office and could not go in. I felt it was my responsibility to solve my own problems.
The feeling of being hungry was the worst experience of my life. No food, no energy, no hope.

One lady who was begging on the streets of a big Canadian city was followed by a newspaper reporter after she stopped begging for the day.
She went around the block, got into her Mercedes and drove home to her million dollar home.

But there are some people who have no skills or may be too ill to work or simply have led a life of unspeakable horror through no fault of their own. There are even those who are afflicted with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We should not judge them.
We should not call them bad names.
We should thank God (or at least be thankful) that we are not in that situation.

If they say they are hungry (or even if they look like they need some food) we should help them.
I will buy some food for them.

Some young people spend the whole day begging, while they play on their smartphones, smoke cigarettes and hangout with their pet dog.

In Canada, our taxes provide everything a person needs to have a place to live and enough to buy food. Taxpayers also pay for their dental and medical care.

I'll buy them food, but I will not give them money because I fear it will not be spent on food.

March 7, 2017
No, I do not give them money. In town that I'm currently living I meet such people every few days. They have different techniques. Sometimes they faking disability on street crossing or in tramway. Sometimes they sing and insistently ask for money after. It's not very common but you can find them in few places.

In summer there are people who do it for a joke. They hold cardboard with inscription like "I collect the money that I can spend on beer".

There are also people doing performances on the streets. They not begging for anything but if you enjoy the show you can leave them few coins.

And there are probably people who are really in a very bad situation but the usually not beg on the streets for money. We have a special places to which they can go.

The worst situation is meet the person addicted from something. They can look really poorly but when you give him a money it's not change anything. He just will buy alcohol or drug and come back to begging on street again. However, they must hide from the police.

When you give begging person money it just teaching him that this is the good way to earn. That's why I try to do not give money to beggars.

Buy food or advise where he should go is a better solution.
March 7, 2017
It's a tough question. There are people who really need money and there are people who just don't want to work and make money. It's okay to donate some money who is in need, but on the other hand it's a good business for fraudsters begging money.
March 7, 2017


Yes it is very sad. 


This sitauation is happened in many countries. That's why number of suicides has increased. This is the truth. I am sure you always help to those people who need help.


I read your comment and I think that you are a strong person. Because  this situation was happened with you, you did not give up, and now you help to everyone. Of course we never judge people who need help. I judge people who are lying and make different stories in order to earn money.

March 8, 2017
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