Carlos Meneses

Hi, How do you do to extend your vocabulary?, because I learn new word and that's okay but with the past of the hours I forget that word so,  Can someone  give me tips to learn vocabulary?

Mar 8, 2017 6:16 AM
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To forget is human, so no worries. Everyone has his moment to forget and of course keeping many words in your mind is also a hard challenge. Therefore you had better formulate good methods of consolidating newly learned words. 
March 8, 2017
 many English vocabularies are from latin or you only need learn the roots of vocabularier. for example :visit ,vis is look,it is go ,so  visit is looking when go 
March 8, 2017
I think the best way to not forget about new vocabulary you learn is to learn them in a context. You may learn vocabulary from movies or from video games you like to watch or play, that's the best way to not forget them :)
March 8, 2017

Here are some ideas for memorizing vocabulary:

- Learning words in context: Read texts that are meaningful and interesting to you, underline words, that you would like to learn and note them down with some example sentences.

- Using the words: Write  a text with new words that you want to memorize or use them while talking to a language exchange partner. If the words belong to the same topic then look for texts, videos or audio files about this topic, e.g. if you learn about the weather read or listen to weather forecasts, if you learn about food and words like cooking, cutting, etc. read recipes or watch cooking videos.

- Using flashcards: You can either write flashcards by hand or use a spaced repetition software like Anki.

- Create mnemonics: Create funny and memorable sentences with the new words that you want to remember. i love this method. Because once I have created a god mnemonic, I will never forget the word. It just sticks. Here is an explanation: ;


March 8, 2017
Set a specific goal like passing a language test when you start to know a new language . Then outline the words or expressions you have to master and dive them into different lists. Learn and memorize one or two lists a day while recall the words in the previous lists that you have learned but forgotten. Keep it up for three to six months and you will be surprised by yourself. Just do it !
March 8, 2017