English and French

Have you ever had an experience to learn two or more languages together? 

I want to learn French but I don't know whether it's good to learn English and French at same time.Is there any link between this two languages? 

Mar 10, 2017 8:22 PM
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March 10, 2017

 I grew up learning both English and French at the same time. I think they're a really good combination, if you're going to learn two languages at the same time. There are plenty of cognates, use the same alphabet and are relatively similar with respect to sentence structure. That being said, they're not so similar that you're going to confuse the two when speaking. Learning as a child, however, I found that I was never really fluent in either one. I always say that my first language is "Franglais," as we call it here in Canada.

In my experience, learning two languages at the same time as an adult is completely doable if you're willing to dedicate and immerse yourself. Just keep in mind that it's probably going to take you a much longer time to reach a certain level of fluency in either one.

Best of luck!

March 10, 2017