Dance with Future I am writing it to myself. But if it can help others...then i will dance in happiness. Anyway. So, we all thinks about future. But in the thinking of future we miss our present. I am not saying we should not make plan. Plan is very important, but worrying is not. Make a main plan, and then 2 or 3 alternatives. if you miss one, can go to others. Worrying is a big disease. Its by born enemy of happiness.  When we keep worrying, our brain start damaging different parts of bodies. and it causes sickness. So let's dance with future. But how to? Easy and simple. Don't go to latest brand stores every month. Don't search in google about latest iphone or samsung. Then you will not want to have them. Your desire will be low, and you will not think negatively. The more you escape from negativity, the more you can feel the inner peace. Don't care about haters, They will hate your in anyway. Just keep going.  Drink more water.... Sleep early.. Wake up early.  Eat lots of fruits in a day. Don't need strawberries everyday, its expensive. Go for swimming or at least 30 min of exercise. Remember your devil body will try best to tell you not to go for exercise. But "if you want some, come get some"(dialogue of john cena) kick the devil and go for exercise. if you can't go to gym then home is also a good place. If you are frustrated now, or upset for some reason. Don't listen romantic songs, or slow songs. Start watching scifi, action , monster movies. Remember,we are not under our brain. Brain is under us. So don't let it control your body. Try to control it. Give brain chance to think about other things. Only then you can get away from sadness. Suppose your partner cheated you. you are feeling so sad. But the more you will put yourself in isolation the more your brain will think about it. Do other things and make the brain tired. Example: Go for swimming. swim hard. Your body will feel pain, now brain will not think about your partner anymore. it will tell you to SLEEP...That is how you can control your brain. So be happy. Smile always.., when tears will come, go to toilet and cry loudly, then wipe tears and again start smiling. That is how we can change our negative life into full of positivity .And if our present become positive.. Our future will be automatically good. That is " Dance with the future". And of course its Tango dance.
Mar 11, 2017 7:04 AM