Terasee Miz T
A Change is Coming

Wow! The response to $1 trial lessons given me many opportunities to help those who are eager to practice their English.  However, it is time for a change.  I have many open hours but so many students that I do not feel I am able to keep up with the demand.  So, I have had to increase the cost of a trial session. 

I am very grateful for those who have given me their time and I look forward to meeting many more people. 

One other thing that will be changing is my availability.  It will be a full work week for me but I must coordinate my work time with my husband's job as much as I can. Package times will NOT change but individual lessons will.  That means that purchasing a package will give you more opportunity to fit into YOUR schedule than just a "hit and miss" individual booking.

Much luck and happiness to all.

Mar 16, 2017 1:32 PM