David A. Jones
What're your top tips for learning English?

I love to hear students' top tips for learning / studying English because it gives me good ideas to feed into my lessons.

So, what're your top tips for learning / studying English?

Mar 20, 2017 1:57 PM
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Here is my tip: to tell to as many people as possible about your intention to learn a language. After that, it will be much more difficult to give it up.
March 20, 2017

Michael, that's not always true.

If you want to give up, you will , no matter what. Telling as much people as you can just slows down this process a bit...

So, now about the main topic...

David, it depends on students level. I have no idea , how to help people who have less then Pre-Intermediate level in English, because I don't even remember the time when I was at that point.

Now, let's discuss what to do for the rest of the people.

Well, grammar at this point can be useful thing but when it comes to REAL life, not just ideas, this doesn't work.... We don't remember much about the grammar that we're trying to learn.

Instead, what helped me was: 

1)Watching videos - mainly videos, from 3 - 15 minutes, not movies.... The main point about this is that we can replay this videos many times if we don't understand something .... It's harder to do with 2 hour movie, isn't it?

2) Reading books - read as much as you can, but only if you're insterested in books. If you don't like to do it, don't force yourself, watch videos instead, it's more entertaining and fun.

Well, for other people who are passionate about books I can say: don't try to translate every word that you don't know, try to get general sense of the chapter/page... Only when you're sure that you need to translate a word, go to cambridge dictionary, translate, read the transcription, and go on. Don't write out all the words in the separate book or so. At the beginning your might be really passionate and motivated about doing this, but USUALLY you end up having lots of this papers with words, much of which you can't even remember....

We remember the words, when we see them a lot of times in short term or in some funny situations - this is the key.... And don't just remember the word, remember the context... It's really easier and helps a lot.

3) Talk with people and listen podcasts....

March 20, 2017
I watch a lot of YouTube videos and it helps a lot. Also, reading articles in English is a very useful thing for me. Learning songs by heart... + communication with natives of course (that I'm lack of btw...). There are a lot of different ways! 
March 27, 2017

Learning new vocabulary, grammar structures etc. during the day as a daily habit for as long as I am able to concentrate on them, then practising English by listening to whatever of my interest, or reading whatever I come across when browsing on the Interrnet or reading books in Kindle, or watching movies or serials. 

My top tip is: revising or repeating everything new I've learnt that day right before going to bed, my memory and my brain always work during the night to keep new knowledge in long term memory. I do that on a daily basis.

No break, no giving up, no excuse for stopping learning for a day or week. The result of it is that I've become addicted to learning. 

March 20, 2017

Talking really helps, it makes your knowledge well-structured in your head. And don't forget that that's your main goal... We need language mainly for speaking))))))))))

You can also find a plenty of other tips in the web, but this is just what I tried, and what worked for me...

Oh, and by the way, if you watch videos as much as I do, you can try to speed your videos up to 2x.... After some time of watching everything in such manner you realize that you're thinking faster.

March 20, 2017
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