Prepare for FCE Use of English - grammar in 2 mins!

I have been teaching FCE exam preparation for a long time. Like most Cambridge exam courses, it's not just a question of improving your language level as much as possible but rather a matter of technique and strategy that helps you achieve extra points in the test. 

Aspects to consider include but are not limited to:

- Time management

- Question order; which questions to answer first

- Anticipating answers

- Reading strategies - text or questions first?

- Skimming vs scanning

- Planning

There are more, however I will stop there and take this moment to share a short video I've created for FCE Use of English. This will give you some tips and strategies to apply in the exam (and in training prior to the exam!). Most of these have worked for my students in the past but everyone is different and has different styles and techniques. In fact, if you have any other strategies or solutions, don't hesitate to post them here and share them with other language learners. I would love to receive your feedback.

Please feel free to share the video with other learners and even teachers as it may be beneficial to others as well!

Here is the link:

There will be more videos on the other areas of FCE and the rest of the Cambridge exams too!



Mar 21, 2017 5:28 PM