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Work or study?

Hi guys,

Currently, I am a student and as many others we face with prevalent problem: work or study?

There is an paradox, that in oder to pay your college tuition you need earn money somehow, but if you go to work, usually, you don't have enough time to study.

Reviewing from another side, if you want to have good-paid job, you have to be qualified, but not certified. And the problem is at university you don't get those knowledges, which give you at the work.

Another problem is when you go for interview most of times interviewer as you the question about experience. How can you have experience when you do study all your free times? However, other companies are not accept you as intern just because you do not have enough knowledge for that.

Mar 23, 2017 11:49 AM
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It the same here, the employers want people with degrees and years experience, if you just finished to study it is imposible. Sometime, the employers use that inexperience to pay you less. But it is very important that you prepare and study in this world where the knowledges are power and  possiblities.  I work in the morning and study at night, it is difficul and stressful. I dont care because what  you learn, no one can take you away.

pd: Im studying english recently, I'm beginner,  I hope that the text was clear. 

March 23, 2017

Thanks Liza for your opinion. Indeed few times ago I made serious for my life decision: I took correspondence course. So my main time I do some works in order to gain experience, but when have free time I do read books and take additional courses.

"Hard present-bright future"

March 23, 2017

I suppose that well education is important but without experience it is no use. I had many job interviews and many employers were impressed with my certificate. But I had confronted with brutal reality when I realized that crucial point in getting job is an experience which I hadn’t. I was asking myself what’s all this for then? I mean all those exams and lectures.
So today when it comes to education I am a little bit perplexed. Of course it helped me to wide my horizon and meet interesting people but it didn't give me the guarantee to find a well-paid job.
So I would advise everybody to combine both studying and internship even if it is difficult. <o:p></o:p>

March 23, 2017