Learning English with songs If you are studying a new language in school, would you like that the teacher play one of your favorites songs and provide you the lyrics? I mean, you have to listen to the song and write the missing words. Then you could do a karaoke . Would you like to do that? Or what is your opinion about this activity?
Apr 6, 2017 2:05 AM
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Hi Claudia!

That's a good idea:)

For me ,learn English through music will help you increases your vocabulary.Learning the lyrics of a song can help you learn new words.When you sing it many times, you remember these vocabularies more easily.Second, it will help you improve  your  pronunciation.Singing and listening regularly can help you improve our natural speech.

Sandra Nguyen^^ 

April 6, 2017
 I like it ! Songs are very good way to get language to ears  and to prounce words better 
April 6, 2017
Oh, Thanks Sandra! I appreciate your point of view. Thanks
April 6, 2017