Looking for French language partner

Hii, i'm looking for a French language partner (From France) & i am also interested in talking with anyone who is also learning the

French language. I think it will keep me motivated knowing someone else is trying hard to learn this beautiful language~

( I use WhatsApp )

Apr 12, 2017 6:59 PM
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Hii i come from France and I'm here to talk with anybody who wants to share language skills in english and french..

i would be happy to exchange with you soon. On whatsapp or other..


May 20, 2017
Hi I am a French girl, I am 18. If you want to talk with me, there is no problem, I'd be grateful to help you improve your skills :)
May 17, 2017

bonjour, je suis française :)

je chercher a pratiquer mon anglais et peut t'aider pour ton francais

May 17, 2017
Hi, I'm just a frensh girl who want tout learn english so if you want we can talk !
May 3, 2017


Soy de Francia y aprendo español. 

Hablo un poco español. 

Puedo ayudar te hablar francesa, si quieres. 

Puedes contactar me.

¡Hasta pronto ! [emoji]


June 10, 2017
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