Use your imagination to complete the story Arthur was a responsible farmer, and Maria was a nice lady. But they were poor.
They owed the town lord money for their land. One summer, their farm burned.
One structure caught fire, and most of the animals ran away. Only the cats stayed.
So Arthur and Maria had to bring in their crops without an animal’s help.
On a fall day, the lord demanded his money........
Apr 25, 2017 2:44 PM
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The Lord walked angrily through the humble home of Arthur and Maria.  Arthur stood firm, while Maria clung to his robe tightly.

Arthur calmly reiterated the situation to the Lord (Named Isaac), that the payment would be delayed by several months, due to the recent damage the farm sustained.

Lord Isaac was a reckless and foolhardy young man.  His father, King Ivan, also grew tired of his nonsense.  

Lord Isaac unsheathed his long blade, and pointed it towards Arthur.  

Arthur calmly warned the young Lord, "With all due respect my Lord, that would be a grievous mistake.  My wife is with child, and I'll not tolerate threats, even from you."

Lord Isaac laughed and took a swing towards Arthur's head.  Maria screamed and clenched her eyes shut.

She heard metal piercing bone and flesh, and a low groan.  When she opened her eyes, she smiled brightly.

Arthur had casually disarmed the Lord, and drove a blade neatly in between the Lord's lower left ribs.  

"I've purposely missed your vital organs, but I'll warn you no further, Isaac.", Arthur replied in a smooth determined voice...

"If you don't leave now, your destruction here will be guaranteed." Arthur added.

The Lord ran out of the home, and to his luxurious horse and carriage.  

Maria looked worried.  "What will happen, my love?  What will the King do?  They'll come for us!" she nervously exclaimed.

Arthur slicked the blood from his exceptionally well-crafted long blade.  

"Let them come, my love.  They've more than forced our hands, and I'll stay in hiding no longer.  If they come, there will be no mercy." Arthur said, laughing.

Maria laughed also.  "We'll slay them all, my love." She said kissing him....

April 25, 2017

As Arthur couldn't manage money, he rquested to grant him more time. But the Lord got angry hearing such request. He abducted Martha and threatend him, if he doesn't return the money within 3 days he will torture her to death.

after 3 days, now Arthur is preparing for the funeral of his beloved Martha.

April 25, 2017