Oxana Barannikova
French movies I am really fascinated about France lately, although I am learning English here. It's begun when I saw Frances Ha movie, and Michel Gondry, of course ( last his movie that I watch was L'écume des jours,it was both depressing and transcendent). I googled it's references and had read about French New Wave. So what would you recommend me to watch? I want something from 60s-70-s. Maybe Serge Gainsbourg had some good movies? I am frustrated and would be cool to hear your French favourites. 
Apr 27, 2017 9:39 PM
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Sorry, I only realized after that you are looking for older movies.  So maybe my answer isn't what you are looking for, but you are interested anyway here it goes:  If you love comedies, you might like Neuf Mois Ferme!  I love almost anything with this actress, Sandrine Kiberlain.  She was also in Alias Betty and Pauline Detective.  She's great.  If you love drama, try the recently remade La French, about the French Connection crime ring.  It was brilliant, with the talented and delicious Jean Dujardin!  These will get you started, and if I think of more I will add a comment.
April 27, 2017