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Would anyone help me to check my article please? Thanks! (Whirlpool promotion film English subtitle.)

Whirlpool Corporation, whose world headquarter locates in Chicago, USA, is the world’s number one major appliance manufacturer with a proud history that stretches back a hundred years. Whirlpool Electrical Appliances Company takes a role of producing cooking appliances in the corporation.

We have built ourselves a solid foundation with shared dream and faith, a strong determination and every step we have taken from where we started. We are leading the white goods industry with every milestone we have made. With 2 product series and 5 development platforms, we have gathered the top microwave oven R&D team from around the globe to provide continuous innovation and leading design. We are always committed to create the best cooking products with top quality and competitive cost.

We embrace every wonderful morning with this mission and passion towards our dream and our career. In this big family of Whirlpool, we create a harmonious, people-oriented environment that let us deliver happiness with our love and let every one of the family members be warmed by caring and sincerity.

In Whirlpool, safety is an attitude, a habit, and the primary productive force. Guaranteeing the safety of every staff member is our unshirkable responsibility. We uphold the craftsman’s spirit that requires pursuing excellence and it is reflected from continuous improving fabrication process and automation to strict step-by-step quality monitoring; we give unique intelligence to our products with diligence and breakthroughs that can be found anywhere, anytime; we strive to bring out the best user experience in our products to our customers; and we believe that intelligence and technology will make our work and life better and better.

With the vision saying “the best branded customer products in every home around the world, we deliver intelligence and happiness to every corner of the world, achieve the goal of being the best choice for comfortable lifestyle, and bring the brand-new experience of creative lifestyle to hundreds and thousands of families on the planet.

Aug 7, 2017 6:14 PM
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Would you mind giving us the original Chinese text to understand if your interpretation is proper?
August 7, 2017

As the leading brand of the consumer products, we look ahead and are well-prepared. We insist in the operating excellence strategy of excellent team, lean process, safe environment, explore infinite possibility and strive to create the best cooking products with top quality and competitive cost.

Every dream shines because of sweating; every life dazzles because of Whirlpool. We move forward with determination; we create win-win situation for our future; we are Whirlpooler. 

August 7, 2017