What are the main reasons of divorcing in your country? Is it common there? In some societies, divorcing isn't a good plan and sometimes is considered as the worst act (For example in Iran (before) couples had to tolerate each other instead of divorcing and was considered the worst act but these days divorcing is getting more common for any reason)...What are the main reasons of divorcing in your country? Is it common there? Do couples prefer to tolerate each other instead of divorcing?
Apr 9, 2018 4:13 PM
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Marriage is usually the main reason for divorce XD
April 10, 2018
It increased terribly since the beginning of the war especially those who fled to Europe countries and when they asked them especially women why

They said

Many women were forced to get married at early age 

Inference of husband's family in everything 


Also the war had very horrible effect on every one 's life

Surely women who are more tolerant to not rise their children without a father

Devorceing is common but not widely still there parents don't accept their daughters to get devorced even though they aren't happy

Still there are some consider devorced women aren't acceptable

April 10, 2018
I wish it was the way @Mrs Tad said, but now we hear about many divorced couples, what was rather uncommon 20 years ago. My son says that among his colleagues (students of his university group) most have already divorced parents. The people over 40, once their children become adults, often realise they don't know the person they live with and they have no common interest and no plans for the rest of their life together. The infidelity is is often an easy excuse for breaking the relationship. 
Another common reason is the addiction of one of the spouses (usually man drinking too much alcohol) and mistreatment (violence).
April 9, 2018

In Poland it's not that uncommon, actually. I think the majority choose seperation, though. Unfortunately, Poles care too much about the opinions of others. I know at least 4 people in my family (40+, 60+) who got married because they felt the society's preasure and they did it just because ''everyone else does it.'' 

April 9, 2018
In Malaysia,i think divorces is acceptable and the main reason is husband not royal or acting bad to his wife. So if the women is not happy in the relationship ,why not?

Just open mind to accept and not look down to them . But meanwhile this will brings negative effect to their child .

April 9, 2018
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