Mac Bull
I like initalized signs...

I know that there is a popular movement (effort) in the community to move away from initalized signs.
So I know that my comment (title) of "I like initalized signs" is not the cool thing to say.

But it is part of our ASL history.

And you can't kill that.


A common example of this is the sign for search, with the C-hanshape. Which comes from the French word 
"chercher",since ASL has the LSF (French Sign) influence--we use the C-handshape.

Part of the history.
I appreciate that.

Also, it is interesting that JSL (Japanese Sign Language), is making a move to using more initalized signs in JSL.
I see it all the time here in Japan.

And it works.
It's easy to understand, and it's cool.

Plus, it helps me out, since I grew up oral, and had to learn sign later. My Dad is HoH too, but he barely signs at all. However, I am trying hard to change that.

Also, initalized signs is a great tool when communicating with other Japanese Deaf and HoH who know ASL.

Just don't want to go overkill, I know, I get that.
But it has it's place. And history.

Anyways, that is just some food for thought, discussion, my opinion, whatever.

Apr 10, 2018 3:04 AM