Mad Rabbyt
Short Run Hometask
1. - Do you fell sorry for poor people? - No, I fell sorry sorry people who haven't willpower.
2. Even one must make a list of everything what they wish to execute in their life.
3. - Was it interested for you on the conference when Bill spoke our company about? - His speech was so long that we all started boring.
4. Why she got away abroad and left all what she had? - She wished to escape form her daily life.
5. If you really want to spoil your-self learn Rome and its neighbourhood in true italien style driving an impressive Lamborghini.
6. I can't bear to spoil the fun but unfortunately party is going to the end, all need to go home.
7. - Did you sometime fall in love at first sight? - When I learned in college I fell in love at first sight in my groupmate and we have been together for twenty years.
8. - I think about this blouse the second day, I'm really falling for its and going to buy its tomorrow. 
9. I remember how I fell in love with this song when I was being on Elvis Presley's concert.
10. Any step forward even modest is (means "[step] represents its [for self]...") the success.
Apr 13, 2018 9:39 AM
Mad Rabbyt
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