what's your motivation for learning another language?

Learning another language is hard and it maybe boring and frustrating , as you know . So we need some thing which can motivating us and perhaps it is different for everybody ! Some people learning language to study , some of them learning for migration, the others learning language to comunicate with other people and find new friends from all over the world . 

I'm going to study in another country ,so i must learn another language. I've choosen English because i found it is a simple to learn and understand. Also  most of people in the world speak English . So I think if I know English , i will can connect to so many person and study easier .

What's your motivation ? And why you have choosen English ?
Apr 15, 2018 9:47 PM
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English is my native language i am currently learning Spanish and Korean what keeps me motivated is that it is fun and i don't push myself to hard plus i imagine how cool it would be to be able to speak the language but if this does not help you then try to find what makes it fun for you because everyone is different
April 15, 2018
@mi_fortu i know what you say but you must know if you are shy , learning will more difficult . you mustn't be afraid of mistakes . when we were born , we weren't a English native speaker ( or german , japanese and ... ) so mistakes are normal and common . Don't be shy and try it :)
April 16, 2018

It is a very common but seriously topic for all language learners. 

Two years ago I started to learn English. Be honestly, I din't have a constant motivation from the beginning.

1. My original motivation is to use English in my workplace, because I word for a Germany company's branch which locates in my city. Absolutely I wanted to find some new opportunities out of my company at this time.  

2. It just took me a very short term, about six months, to reach to intermediate level. It means that I could read some materials by native speakers, and I could communicate with native speakers with less misunderstands. Meanwhile, I found language skill was not the key to get a better opportunity. What I benefited from my learning process was that I could absorb many useful information by reading English materials, not just related to my work. For example, I read some books about psychology and trading. I really benefited from those books.  At this stage, my motivation was that I want to make English ability as my second nature. 

3. Recently I focus on vocabulary improving and pronunciation. It is possible for me to communicate more with foreigners. It seems that related opportunities are coming toward me.

April 16, 2018
I always tell people not to be afraid to speak for at least for two reasons: 1) if you’re only talking to 1 or 10 people, that’s only 1-10 out of millions of speakers in the world of that language, so who is going to hear the mistake? Nobody else. And who cares what 10 out of millions of speakers think anyway? And 2) by making mistakes you learn and always remember the mistake, so you actually learn more effectively. It’s well worth the slight momentary embarrassment (and most of those hearing it don’t really care anyway). 
April 16, 2018
I need to learn English to talk. The problem is that I'm very shy and that gives me a huge block.
April 16, 2018
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