British accent

I am trying to familiarize myself with the British accent in a casual way.

So, watching movies and TV series off the top of my head since I always enjoy good movies and series.

Does anyone have any good recommendation for movies/TV series with British accent?

Thank you.

Apr 16, 2018 9:00 AM
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Depending on your age and taste you might like "The Inbetweeners" which has lots of slang, informal expressions, swearing and everything that reflects the British culture. 
April 16, 2018
April 24, 2018

@Ellis & Alberto

Thank you both for the recommendations! I am so happy to know these good ones to watch.

I watched two episodes of Sherlock now. Love it. :D

Also, a big fan of Game of Thrones! Good to know some cast are from UK! :O

April 17, 2018

I love British TV so there you go:



IT Crowd



Game of thrones (not all but a fair amount of the cast is from the UK)


Lock, stock and two smoking barrels



King Arthur, legend of the sword


The Graham Norton Show (also on Youtube)

April 16, 2018

There isn't a majority of people with one accent. However, Sherlock, Being Human, Misfits, Utopia, Skins, and Him&Her are excellent shows. You can't really go wrong with a lot of BBC3 & Channel 4 shows.

April 16, 2018
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