new member would like english speaker friend hi every one ,
i am abdo from saudi arabia . i am 28 yrs old.
i am working as physician .
i have huge defects in my english 
i would like to know someone who exchanged conversations alot .
thank you 
Apr 20, 2018 7:17 PM
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You probably need to put this text in your profile, I think if you put a good info about yourself in your profile and put a picture of you, then coment some stuff here time to time people will know you better and then probably you could find a good language partner here, you need to think that most of people here are looking the same as you. But the language that you could teach in exchange probably is too important (sadly) for example I am a Spanish native speaker and there are lots of English speakers who are looking for partners with my language. Good luck
April 20, 2018
thank you 
April 21, 2018