Our Mega-mind. What do you think about this? - a philosophic discussion :1

Our brain is an amazing tool. Some scientific facts assure that we use only 10% of it, but nobody tells for what. Brain can’t work only in the tenth part of its volume, it would be unnatural. Why? Because the nature doesn’t like to waste its resources. If something is absolutely unnecessary the universe just gets rid of that stuff. And this is a normal current of life and being.<o:p></o:p>

So, what about our brain? I don’t believe that the only tenth part of all its abilities works on us. In this case what the other part is engaged in? Here is the answer. Organism functioning and thinking are two different responsibilities that our brain should perform. The first thing is a keeping our body alive. If we used our brain only in ten percent, we would just die when we went to sleep. Our consciousness is switching off while we get asleep, although even not totally, but it doesn’t mean the brain is going to sleep as well. Perhaps everybody in his life felt at least once one strange sense. When being sleeping you suddenly shake up in your bed and wake up not understanding what is going on. Somebody describes this feeling like a dream about falling into some deep hole. At that moment of deep sleep our brain thinks that we’re dying and delivers nervous signals toward our muscles and organs to bring us to life. Of course we’re not dying at that moment, but our brain is much smarter than us by the way. It will better check the system once more, to be sure it’s working by the order, that we actually don’t sometimes. If somebody says this are that ten percent, I will just laugh into his face. <o:p></o:p>

Another side is thinking and this is something, I guess we can’t determine by some percent, volume, numbers or amount. It’s our mind, and it doesn’t have borders. This is the most interesting stuff of all that we use, because we have no idea how it works. We can just observe and make some conclusions which sometimes can’t even be direct. Our thoughts it’s something out of our understanding. It isn’t a chemistry like our body’s composition, because our thoughts are much faster and advanced than our physical essence which just can’t be in time with our thinking process. <o:p></o:p>

Once I heard one statement of one Russian writer – “Our thoughts are sticking in our words, and the words are sticking in themselves”. It means that our thoughts are much more extensive than we can describe. In other words, there are no words to express everything we’re thinking about. Probably someone can disagree with me, and I accept his point of view. But for me it makes sense, when we pay a little attention to one fact – we can manage decades of thoughts within one second, but we can’t even predict what we will be thinking about in five minutes. And this is not the chemistry, this is the stuff that makes us humans.<o:p></o:p>

What do you think about this? :)<o:p></o:p>

Apr 22, 2018 7:53 AM