American dream... Many people have been starting their business from nothing. Some good idea and work, work and 7 times work and then success. There are many stories like that. Do you believe in "American dream"?

What is the most popular and successful businesses ideas in your city or country? Do you think that in your country you have all opportunities for successful business? What's people's attitude to a businesmen in general in your city?
Apr 27, 2018 8:55 PM
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After living for many years in different countries overseas and then coming back to the US I can definitively say that there is more opportunity here for people to do or be whatever they want compared to anywhere else I have ever been.  
April 27, 2018
I had two fellows from Albania in my office just today.  They believe in the American dream.  They sold all they had in the old country, came here, worked hard, learned English and opened their own company doing construction work.  I want that dream to be available going forward.  I want America to remain special.  Not sure if we can keep it, too many Americans take it all for granted.
April 27, 2018

Danny has got it right. America is not what it used to be. The place boomed after 1945 and continued until probably the mid -80s. But they say my generation had it best (born in 1958). There was no draft, no wars from the mid-70s to about 1990 and economically things weren’t bad. A friend sent me something on Facebook depicting a guy probably born when I was, in 1958. The guy‘s high school picture looks like that of guys my age. The caption reads, „Young people of this generation complain of having to pay for their own college. I paid for mine with my Summer job.“ Then next to that it reads „Adjusted for inflation, college tuition was $400 a year in 1982. Today it’s $16000 at the same school.“ Then it reads, „When I got my first job at age 20, I only made $15,000“. Next to that the caption: „Adjusted for inflation, $15000 is the equivalent of $47950 today. 

No. The US is not what if used to be. 

April 27, 2018
I had no choice in being cursed with having been born in the US, but I sure am not going to suffer the curse of dying here. I never had a choice in the former, but I do have a choice in the later. We’ve had the US propaganda machine, the most powerful in the world, drill it into our heads that the US is “the best country in the world,” a blantant lie; we’ve had a repulsive jingoism forced down our throats, no different than brainwashing, perpetrated on us from the day we were born (joingoism is hyper-patriotism), which was pure US propoganda; the rich run the country and control the politics; voting means nothing so I refuse vote, we have a one-party political system that cannot be challenged, and all the US budget goes to further build up an overly fat military, and is constantly increased in funding even though the huge military machine never even asks for more more because it has too much already, and people starve on the streets and have no healthcare. The rich care nothing about anyone but themselves. There are no economic opportunities, and wealth is handed down through family dynasties. I hope no one visits this country. Or invests it it. There’s already a mass movement to leave the US and a mass movement to denounce US citizenship growing every day by smart people lucky enough to be able to escape this place. If you wanted to invent a State with the most violent history and one with the most violence perpetrated on its own people, one with most incompetent  doctors, and one that wants to take over the world, you couldn’t think of a better example than the US. The biggest threat to the survival of the human race today is the US. 
April 29, 2018

In the US most everyone can get an education.   Even if you are poor, you can still have access to basic education here- you can still have some upward social mobility.  I have been in many other countries where this is just not possible.  Besides formal education,  being back in the US I am very impressed with our public library system where anyone can walk in and have the opportunity to self educate themselves and have access to computers, language classes, etc.    Americans also don't have the rigid societal constraints that I have seen elsewhere.  People here are much more free to think how they want and do what they want without being suffocated by the pressure to conform.  Perhaps a college dropout like Steve Jobs wouldn't have been able to do what he did in some other countries. 

I think there are so many things that Americans take for granted.  Just the fact that I can come here on italki or go out in the street and criticize my government without any fear is a beautiful thing.   Hell, every night our TV talk show personalities can criticize the president without worrying about being put in jail!  Our journalists are not being imprisoned.   For the most part people in this country can open up a business without fear of being extorted by drug cartels or the mafia.  Although there is corruption here, it is not even comparable to what I have witnessed in other places.   In the US people also take 24 hour electricity for granted, as well as clean water.    Where I live I can drink the water from my tap! 

I agree with you SHL, things may not be the same here as they were in the past, but I can assure you that the US is not the hellhole country you have perceived it to be.   

April 28, 2018
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