Tell me, how is correct?

Hi everyone! Tell me, how is correct? 

 "I will leave to smoke" ?

  "I'll go smoke"?

Оr "Going out for a smoke"?

And: "I'm having lunch."

Or "I have a lunch now"?   ( I mean, when it "right now") 

Apr 30, 2018 1:16 AM
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All are correct, even the first and last ones. It all depends on the context. That being said, without context I would guess you want to say:

"I'm going for a smoke."

"I have lunch now."

April 30, 2018

 "I have a lunch now"? -> "I'll have lunch now" or "I will have lunch now"

April 30, 2018

1 "I will leave to smoke" ?2  "I'll go smoke"?3 "Going out for a smoke"? 4And: "I'm having lunch." 5I have a lunch now"?   ( I mean, when it "right now") 

1 is good. Or I go for a smoke 2... go to smoke. 3 is good. 4 is good. 5 is bad (you would be lunching and have no more mouth to talk with).

April 30, 2018
I'll give up/quit smoking.
I'm having lunch.

ETA. Thanks to aegis's comment, I just realized that I misinterpreted the first three sentences =\
April 30, 2018
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