English/German Language exchange

I want to get better in English

And I can help you with German

Apr 30, 2018 11:51 PM
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This would help me a lot! I am a native English-speaker studying German but I often mess up my grammar.
May 1, 2018
@Paulo, your English could do with some help, too ...
August 7, 2020
Hey — feel free to message me if you’d like! I’m a native English speaker looking to slowly learn German; whilst I’m nowhere near even conversation-ready in German, I’d be happy to help with your English and maybe receive just a few pointers to get me started with German in return :)
August 7, 2020
Hi i am learning German , i can help you in English if you help me in German
August 2, 2020
August 14, 2020
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