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How to you like to practice remembering tenses/conjugations?

I've found that by far the hardest part of practising Italian (and Spanish) is getting the tense and conjugations correct when writing or speaking. What are some of the ways that you like to cement those different rules in your mind?

I've got the hang of it in Spanish, but in Italian (and even German) I can't get around it as of yet.

May 2, 2018 10:25 PM
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In Italian, I found writing practice and feedback good for this. You could post some Notebook entries. 
May 3, 2018

Hi. Icy

1) we donpt work by rule (we don't always have a rule), we work by STRUCTURES 

I'd suggest you to study a lot of Hypothetical Sentences and this would be the best exrcise you cpuld ever do to manage the connection. Really.

1) find a conjugator online and make practice with endings: It doesn't make the Logic point, but exercise is the only way to assimilate their forms. 

7) If you don't find a random conjugator exrcise online, you can make it on your own (create columns with person, number, mood and tense to obtain random entries): it works very well 


May 3, 2018
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