Do you have a story to share about an encounter with a snake?

This story is not mine – one of my ESL students from South America told it. When she was a girl, her mother needed to use the bathroom at night. The family did not have a bathroom in the house, so she offered to carry a light for her mother to go to the outhouse some distance away from the house. After they got to the outhouse and the mother started to do her business, they both saw a snake in the outhouse. The girl screamed and ran back to the house, taking the light with her. The mother was left behind in the outhouse - in the dark, with the snake. After her mother finished using the outhouse and made her way back to the house in the dark… well, she was not very happy with her daughter!


May 3, 2018 1:04 PM
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When my mother first met my father, he was on crutches after having been bitten on the foot by a copperhead (a common venomous snake in the southern  United States).  My mother says she was only able to catch my father because he couldn't run away when she chased him, so I guess I owe that snake my life.  My father  still remembers going to the emergency room of the small local hospital, where a physician's assistant with very shaky hands called another doctor to give him advice over the phone on how to remove the dead skin around the arteries and tendons in my dad's foot.

I spent several years working for a state park in Florida that had a large number of cottonmouths (another venomous American snake).  I almost stepped on  them several times.  Once, I found one curled around my backpack, and I had to use a large stick to pull the backpack away.

Last autumn, I was  walking  beside a busy road, and saw a (non-poisonous) garter snake in the middle of it, threatened by cars.  I ran into the road, grabbed the snake, and threw it into the nearby woods.  Since a snake had caused my own life, I was very happy to be able to save a snake's life.
May 5, 2018
The last encounter I had with a snake was at a used car lot several years ago. 
May 5, 2018

While i don't have any interesting snake stories myself. We have a category of beggars in our city that make money by performing live snake shows. All for the cost of 1 dollar (100 Pakistani rupees approx). They carry it around in a bag and "control" the snake with a flute. 

I personally paid twice to watch a snake show.

1: Outside a Chinese restaurant, while i was waiting for a table. 

2. At the beach. (The snake actually tried to bite me this time around as I was foolish enough to step over it, but i persevered as it nearly missed my leg). But the show went on.  

May 4, 2018

Waw, you live adventurous lifes in the States and Pakistan. I am not sure that I could sleep well knowing that there is a snake in my garage. Near the Alps, where I live, we just have small reptiles. I think there are Vipers which are venomous. I never met any.

We are plagued by stone marters, cute animals which eat up the cables of our car if we leave it outside. I have to bring my car to the garage next week, nothing is working properly anymore.

May 5, 2018

We live on a farm.  I was raised in the city and when I first moved out to the country, I was quite surprised that my husband´s grandma had a large black snake living in her basement which did not bother her at all.

A few years ago, we discovered a snakeskin about 6 feet long (1.8 m) in our garage.   Later we discovered a black rat snake had made our garage his home.  By this time, I knew that this type of snake is not aggressive and is better about keeping mice out of a farmhouse than having a cat. (Total no maintenance ´pet¨ that feeds itself and never caused any trouble.) I did learn to make sure the lights were always on when I got out of the car so I never accidentally stepped on him. I never wanted to stick my feet out of the car in the dark. But  I myself decided the lack of mice was better than not having him!

This is a description of this helpful snake:  ;

May 5, 2018
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