Heng Zhang
For better academic writing ,how to achieve it in less time ,like within 3 months? I 've read a great deal of articles introducing a variety of tips about writing enhancement,like "wite and rewrite",asking a writing tutor for response,massive reading ,practicing grammar regularly and so foth.But it seems that practicing writing is like climbing a vary steep and high stiff.It takes quite a long time to see a markable improvement.For example,I 've practicing my writing for about half a year and I don't see much improvements in my essays. When I start writing ,words won't come. It's like that the brain is stagnated and blocked ,struggling to find a proper word or phrase to convey the message I intend to getting across. Also, I'm hesitate about the words I'm going to use,ruminating questions in my mind ,like "Is this word OK in there ?" ,"What's the English word of …","Am I writing this correctly ?"…

I know the importance of tutorship of a teacher ,grammar practicing and rewriting ! I just don't know how to allocate the time on those things and how to prioritize them.And sometimes what I learned can be easily forgotten after a few weeks.

So can anyone give me some advice?

May 3, 2018 2:03 PM
Heng Zhang
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