Does anyone else enjoy drinking hot chocolate? Although I really like coffee, I have trouble sleeping if I drink coffee. It also tends to make me dehydrated, and when I get dehydrated, my blood pressure goes up. I have to be careful about getting too much salt or too much coffee. My go to drink is now hot chocolate. These days I am making hot chocolate from powdered raw cacao beans. 
May 4, 2018 5:23 PM
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Mmmm…. I’m enjoying a nice warm cup of half coffee, half unprocessed cacao right now. The chocolate-high is much more mellow than the coffee-high. 

SHL: As a devout Cafeterian, I’m sorry to have to inform you that decaf is considered a sin — worse even than allowing a non-believer to grind your beans ;)

May 4, 2018

Chocolate is also good for our memory. In August 2013, a group of researchers of the Harvard Medical school of Medicine made a study with a group of 60 volunteers  (73 years old). They were invited to drink daily two cups of hot chocolate during two months. Various test of memorization where administered to them. In addition to that, the blood flow in the brain was measured with ultrasounds during the tests. Those who had poor results in the memorization tests at the beginning improved their performances drinking hot chocolate.

The conclusion is that hot chocolate, rich in Flavanol, a natural compound present in the cocoa, may be good for brain health.

May 5, 2018
I just adore a cup of warm (not hot) chocolate before going to sleep. I sleep like a baby afterwards. I only regret to clean my teeth and cover the nice chocolate flavor with the taste of mint of the toothpaste.
May 4, 2018

I add chilli powder to my hot choccy (errr... actually I add chilli to a lot of things these days).

As for coffee, I do a mini-percolation every morning. You know, I think the whole process of making my coffee wakes me up more than the coffee itself. When I worked as a barista, I'd start at 6am but never had a coffee for myself until 11am. On the rare occasion my manager let me make corretti - provided that the main workers got one as well!

May 5, 2018

Should we always think about what is healthy? Where is pleasure? I love chocolate and I can guarantee you it doesn’t cause overweight. I need coffee in the morning to keep me going. Water is my favorite beverage. I never mind drinking a glass of local red wine to accompany a good meal on special occasions. 

I read that all this is good for my health. So I stopped feeling concerned by the obsession healthy food habits.

May 6, 2018
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