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Do you think...

... that married people should not openly notice beautiful individuals of the opposite sex? Must it be frowned upon or it is totally ok like admiring extraordinary places of nature?

I wouldn't feel comfortable if my wife stared at someone on the street  (she never did it, but I am just trying to imagine). On the other hand, I personally can't help it,when I pass by a beautiful lady, not paying attention to her beauty. 

I love my wife and can't think of leaving her for someone else, even a model. 

Do you think I have to visit a doctor or it is normal and you share my feelings, but never revealed them to public?

Thanks everybody, who read this. Peace to all of you)))

May 6, 2018 1:41 PM
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If somebody has an ability to notice beauty - it's great. But it would be nice to control our thoughts after contemplation. That is one of qualities which differ human from animals.
May 6, 2018
Stare at your shoes. You can't go wrong.
May 6, 2018

I suspect it's much harder for men than women not to get caught checking out someone attractive, because I think men probably notice and value appearances more than women do. When I'm out, it is very rare that I look directly at men or that any man stands out to me as attractive. And even if once a year I might notice that a man is physically attractive, it's not to the point where I feel compelled to stare. I can easily avert my gaze, and it's more "Look, there's someone who looks like that actor/model/painting or has perfect symmetrical features" and not, "Wow, he's so beautiful, I can't stop staring and am going to drool."

It's more difficult for men not to notice women I think, because men tend to highly value beauty, and with some of the intentionally sexually provocative outfits some women wear - I've seen people walking around the city in push-up bikinis on a warm day - you can hardly blame a guy for noticing. I do very much appreciate it if the person I am with doesn't allow himself to openly check someone out or stare in front of me though. That's something best done privately, to avoid annoyance and arguments, in my opinion.

May 6, 2018
It's not polite to stare at women/men even if you are not married because it could make the person you are staring at uncomfortable. When you are with your significant other it is even worse, as it will make them uncomfortable as well. Even other people in your company can be embarrassed when you openly stare at others.  So yes while it is natural for both men and women to notice people, staring at them too openly is pretty rude. I think both genders notice good looking people, but women try much harder to behave in public, while men consider it as "normal for men" and therefore don't try very hard to remain polite. I don't think you need to visit a doctor. You just need to try much harder to behave respectfully to your wife as well as to other people.
May 6, 2018
Well, I think it's OK when you notice a person, who has an attractive apperance or shape of body. It's your feelings and you just can't controle them. The another question is what is your thoughts when you staring at someone. If you understand that it's just a feeling and it will dissapear in an hour or even in a less time, it's absolutely normal.
May 6, 2018