An interesting word in English that has a same meaning in persian!

It's good to know for Iranian that there is a word in English that has a same meaning in Persian.That word is "khaki". You know that we have a color in Persian named " خاكي" (khaki)and we also have a same color in English named "khaki"!

Do you know about the other such interesting words?

May 8, 2018 8:05 AM
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There is a word which is the same in English and Persian: "bad" ~ "بد". It's even more interesting because it is not the result of borrowing from one language to another, and despite having the same pronunciation and the same meaning the two words are not etymologically related to each other.
May 8, 2018

No, I know of no other word.

I guess khaki emigrated with the Moghul emperors to India and Afganistan where the British army picked it up and transported it back to the UK and hence to America, Australia and New Zealand.

Then I checked wiki.  The list of words are not generally used in English (it looks like the editors have gone a bit crazy, especially with British Army slang) but maybe "paradise" and "lemon" deserve to be included.

May 8, 2018

These words can be also categorized among the disscused vocables:

Jargon = jar-gon = زرگون

The suffix "-gon" is also used in other words like "pentagon" (پنج  ضلعی گونه).

Origin of some basic words are a little difficult to discover. "New" is one of them. It is also used in Azeri and Russian by "Nov". 

Some words should be compared with Latin or Greek origin:

is = est (Latin) = ast (است)

Sum = summare (Latin) = ثمر

Ocean = oceanus (Latin) = okeanos (Greek) = اقیانوس

In some cases, a comparison with root is surprising:

Senile, Senator, Senior

The root for all of these words is "sean (old)" in Irish, "سن" in Persian, "sin" in Azeri, and "son" in Uzbek.

Definitely, inverse cases are possible too:

Canon = قانون

= cane + -one

and "cane (عصا)" is used in composition of other common words like "canal" and "channel", i.e., کانال.

... and , in some cases the application is a little different:

Bark (the outer covering of tree) = برگ (leaf of tree)

May 12, 2018

 نه and Nah have the same meaning and pronounciation.

I've also thought about نو and new. The two words mean the same thing. Their pronounciation is somehow close as well. 

May 9, 2018
Persian words went out to Europe through Arabs. One interesting word is نارنج Naring which was used by Arabs before for a certain type of orange. As you guessed by now orange origin is from Parisian, but it was from Arabic language same as for lemon. That explains, the word orange was used for fruit first before being used for the color. Another interesting fruit name in English is banana, but it was from Arabic بنان الموز. The word paradise also used in Arabic language فردوس.
May 8, 2018
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