Winners and Losers. A modern day Good and Evil?
We all know them. The Loser goes (by foot) modestly about his business (if employed), with barely enough to buy supermarket sale vittals. He is deeply troubled about this week's rent. The Winner goes (in a Rolls Royce), proudly about his (he is employed (for himself)). No worries about his rent. He owns his property. And four more (one of which he rents to the Loser).

Has the Winner and Loser cult come to your own country? Or a country near you? Are you a believer? Do you play or do you sit it out?

May 8, 2018 9:10 AM
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If you were running on the same track with others, you could be a winner or a loser. What track do you want to run? Money track?  Popouralty track? There are many tracks anywhere all over the world. If you beated someone once, you could not stop your desire fame. The fightings never end. It's the Winner and Loser Cult.

You only have to run on your own road alone. The opponent on the road is yourself.

When you are tired, come back to your family love track. Nobody beats you there.

May 8, 2018
I think it has always been there. In any country, including mine. It wasn't that obvious during the Soviet era but it began to stand out now. Personally, I don't play this game for a simple reason that I don't divide people into winners and losers. To my opinion looser is a kind of a person who didn't meet their goal whatever the goal is. In society's common interpretation the goal should always be connected with money and power. But should it be really? I am more inclined to the Diogenes's principle "stand out of my sun" than to the principle "divide and conquer".
May 8, 2018
We all want to be the winners but we play a game without rules, or even if it has some they change so quickly, so that not everyone has a chance to be a winner.
May 8, 2018

@Vera. Good point. Where are the rules?

@Oleg. I agree. Competion is good, but that does not mean, always, a competition for money. We should compete in whatever it is we love. I like the Diogenes persoective, thanks.

@Hanji. Yes, it is great to come back to the family track where we are loved. And take a (cigarette?) break from all that running around.

May 8, 2018
bluebottle, there is another interpretation.

People who feel like losers and people who strive for better life (and there are many such people, and most of them have worse life than yours) don't know many other dimensions to develop in. It is not just about how much you value financial success. It is also about knowing other things.
May 8, 2018
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