what do you advice me to read before writting my Master thesis ? Hi, I'm writing my Master thesis in Physics for the first time in english and I would ask you some advices or names of books that could help me to improve the quality of my redaction 
May 8, 2018 1:46 PM
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I have a few questions and suggestions for you:


1. Where are you studying? Are you in a university with mostly English speakers, or many languages?

2. Is there writing support offered at your school?


1. If your professor has experience working with English language learners, then it is good to talk with him or her about expectations. If you need perfect written English, then you definitely will need a few bilingual people to help you make corrections.

2. I suggest trying to find several other theses written by non-native English speakers, to see how they are.

3. Finally, organization and logical flow is very important for the thesis. You should work hard to make good connections between every section and paragraph of your thesis.  So, I do suggest taking time to analyze and reflect about organization in other papers and theses.

4. Academic writing styles can be somewhat different between different cultures. That is why I am curious where you are located.

5. I also just finished my thesis. It's a lot of work!  Be sure to make a schedule, and try to keep your schedule so that you can complete everything on time!

I don't yet know any good books to help English Academic Writing. Maybe someone else can make some recommendation?

Good luck!

May 8, 2018
 Making your writing more like an academic writing as a real professional rather than a causal sentimental writing by a novelist is another issue that all academic writers have to highlight with great skills. It may not be so difficult as most amateur writers are thinking. Please refer to academic articles in the journals in which amateurs may learn how to master academic writings by imitation. It takes time and effort but I am sure slow but steady pace will lead you to the destination eventually. 

Good luck to your writing, that is bound to be a nice journey in your lifetime. 
May 22, 2018

You don't mean "redaction," you just mean "writing." You want something that will "help me improve the quality of my writing." "Redaction" is a special name for a kind of editing. "Editing" means changing text, usually somebody else's text, rewriting it, reorganizing it, removing parts of it. "Redaction" often means editing a government document to remove parts of it that are secret and shouldn't be published.

My advice is to read some journal papers, or at least skim them.

Find the name of some academic research journals in physics. Wikipedia has a list:


Find some journals, written in English, in your field of interest. Go to your university library. Read a few articles in that journal. Look at the way they are organized, pay attention to the writing style and the way English is used.

For your thesis, you will need to include to include citations of academic papers in your work. Collect a few of them, if you haven't done so already and read them, not just for the parts that support what you are saying, but to get a feeling for style, structure, and language. 

Now that I think about it, you could start online, in PLOS ONE: Physics


May 8, 2018
As for English checking in the thesis, you may put it to the last priority after you have completed the major part of the writing. If you have no idea in the thesis no matter in English or in your native language, you makes no way to complete it. It is time to collect all matters around you starting to write something from now on. Writing English thesis is also a good exercise to drive you thinking differently in English so that is a good practice enabling you to express your main ideas more properly in English. 
May 22, 2018
There ought to be some questions hovering in your mind when you start to write the thesis. Thesis is none other than a problem solving process through which you can challenge yourself as well as receive other perspective. . 
May 8, 2018
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