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The enjoyable and relaxing island in Cambodia

No doubt! we all love the Vitamin SEA. Let me recommend you a wonderful place where you could feel the heaven is really exist on earth. Located in South East Asia, KOH RONG Island, Cambodia is become one of the must visit place after Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap. Not only visiting, you also can come to running your own western food restaurant or even the boutique hotel as you want with a very low cost budget. Since it is just growing, so everything is still cheap for at least 10 years I hope. By now I saw many people from the country like, England, France, Australia, US, Russia, Spain are already here to visit and run their own food/hotel services already. I still remember eating pizza at Koh Rong operated by one American guy with his Australian chief is more delicious than I eat in my city.

Share me if you ever heard of Koh Rong or Angkor Wat. I am glad to share you back on how is the life in here or even can help teaching local Khmer language if anybody want.


May 8, 2018 2:33 PM