A Year without a replay to my Hellos [emoji][emoji]

I’ve joined italki before 2 years, but i was so active in the last year. I started to send messages to so many people but no one has replied and I was introducing myself in a good way , I was thinking maybe all the people to whom my messages go to, are introverts like me!! , maybe the difference in personality types made this, so what do you think? Are there good ways when introducing yourself to such personality types, any advice, I will be glad to hear from you!!!

by the way I’m a native arabic speaker, trying to learn speaking english.

May 8, 2018 9:12 PM
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Waleed, it’s not easy to find language exchange partners especially because English native speakers are high in demand but there are several steps that make it more likely to find partners here.

1. First check out the possible partners profile:

- were they recently active on italki? (There are many abandoned accounts here and you can always see if it’s hours, days, months or even years ago that they last logged in.)

- do they indicate that they are interested in language exchange (many users here either have found a language partner already or aren’t interested in language exchange at all but are only booking classes or uploading notebook entries).

- are they either learning Arabic or fellow English learners who are interested in practising with other English learners.

If the answer to any of these questions is no then chances of getting a reply are slim.

2. Become an active part of the community

You‘ve been a year on italki but opening this thread was your first activity. It’s much easier to draw the attention of possible partners by being an active community member. Some people might refrain from replying to someone with zero italki points because then it doesn’t look like the account of a serious language learner. Thus, you can dramatically increase your chances of meeting nice people here by

- correcting Arabic notebook entries

- uploading English notebook entries

- answering Arabic questions and asking English questions in the answers section 

- taking part in discussions in the discussion section.

May 8, 2018
Perhaps you are a serious learner and have well exhibited your passion on profile but the reality is there are only too many language learners who are eager to find an English speaker to learn in comparison with fewer Englsih speakers who need your help. Maybe English speakers are too busy to help you for free given everyone's time is valuable.

To be honest, 99% of learners here are so busy on their own business to regard your learning. "Hi", "hello" or "how are you" are too weak to arouse people interest to learn and interact with you. In most cases, language learning schools or tutoring would be better option for an earnest learner. I do believe you have to pay for better learning effect no matter what is to be paid (time, money, effort, confusion, waste...etc).  

May 9, 2018
what do you meen by "introducing in a good way"?

If you wrote something about yourself in your messages, that is, it was more than just 'hello', I'm surprised.

English speakers (and women) here receive too many messages and sometimes they can't answer everything. Because of this many people don't like "hello!" messages.

Anyway, writing on forum was a good idea.
May 8, 2018
Thank  you all for these great welcom and advice!!, yeah , that’s cool, i’ll try to do my best to be active, thank you again , I really  appreciate that!!!
May 8, 2018

I, I'm in Italki from some day and I've only one friend, you'are welcome and I'm glad to speak you. I hope my English is correct and I accept all corrections of my mistakes.


May 8, 2018
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