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Job interviews are a scary prospect, let alone if in your second language. Don't fret, with these helpful tips provided by teacher Caroline, you'll be able to smash your upcoming interview in English with confidence.

Apr 26, 2018 12:00 AM
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I would be great at answering the silly questions.

How many balloons fit into a room? With an average interview room I would say 1.000.000. 100 in a plastic bag. 100 bags in a box. 100 boxes in the room. More or less. It would be less if they were filled with air, but that was not a given and I want to fit as many as possible.

Describe a piece of paper: Very thin but 1000 times more long and wide instrument of communication. Works without electric power. Most of them are white. You can communicate with it, by using a pen and writing. Also good for transporting images (photos, drawings). Most of them are white and out of plant fibres and chemicals. Non electronic books are made of them.

Hippo into a fridge: Get a huge fridge and a hippo. Open the fridge, put in the hippo, close the fridge. Getting the hippo would be difficult though. For that one would need more instructions.

June 17, 2018
The problem with job descriptions is that they are written by HR people. If you're lucky, those HR people actually understand the job. However in a lot of cases, the HR people have dumbed down the job description into words and concepts that HR people understand, and over-exaggerated the 'company line'. If you get interviewed by people that actually understand the job, you might find a completely different set of expectations.
May 14, 2018

Hi Gary. 

An interesting point! I'd say during most of my recruitment experience I rarely found this to be the case, however I'm sure it does happen. What would be your advice to a candidate if this were to happen? 

I would suggest that if the interview differs wildly from the job description, you might want to reconsider what you are applying for and whether the role they are presenting is truly what you are looking for. 

If there are huge surprises in the job interview, I'd also be asking questions about communication within the company, who sets targets (HR or managers) and whether the accountabilities on the JD are a good representation of the actual role. 

Have a great day!


May 14, 2018
Nice article

In reality most people make up their mind pretty quickly in an interview and most of the chat is there to confirm their already made prejudice. So maximise your input in the first 1 minute.

Wash before you go, dress as well as you can (ask a friend to check you over), get to the interview with plenty of time and be nice to the receptionist (they can be part of the interview process), smile on entry, make good eye contact and say hello.

Now the next step is up to you, you can let the interiewer run the meeting or you can. I'd advise start by asking about the business and see how long you can retain control of the meeting. If nothing else you have made an impression. Then answer their stuff and at the end ask what three things they are really looking for. Let them know how you fit those three perfectly.

Drop them an email thanking them for their time.
October 7, 2019
That is awesome!!
December 16, 2018
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