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Let's discuss How can I overcome the fear of speaking English
May 9, 2018 9:10 AM
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I often tell my students to pretend to be someone else, to essentially act really confident while speaking English and eventually they start to feel confident without needing to act. It's just a little trick for the mind but it really does seem to work. Try it out next time you are feeling anxious.
May 9, 2018
1) speak with non-native speakers. 

2) put yourself in a situation where you have to do that, whether good or bad: Host a foreigner in your house, for example.
May 9, 2018


The best way is to just start practicing person by person. Once you get a little more comfortable, it will keep getting easier!

May 9, 2018

       It's simple.. just have faith in yourself, speak with your friends, find partners and send them voice notes "if they are good people they would  correct your mistakes if you have any), go to the next level of the speaking skills which is (making a call) " I believe that speaking with native at the beginning is not your best option if you're a beginner in the language" you can go with someone from your country for example who has a good level so you can communicate with him/her in both languages when any of you don't understand the other.

after all, the problem is not the fear because we all have our fears but the problem is ourselves we don't want to push ourselves to gain what we deserve, what we want and what we need,

we're trying to get everything on a plate from gold and this can't be without working hard :)

good luck in finding the best and most suitable way for you in learning all languages

May 9, 2018
Just chat with somebody who gives you comfort. Start with a friend and then you'll see that don't have to be afraid of using a new language in public. We're just human beings learning all the time, that's what makes us special! 
May 9, 2018
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