The Golden Age In Russian literature we call The Golden Age a period of time of XIX century. A time of many talented people like S.Pushkin, M.Lermontov, F.Tyutchev and others. And interesting that this time was not "golden" only in literature, but also in music and science. All this time before 1914 year. 

Why this time was so special? What situation was in your country in that time? Let's look at this historical pazzl. 
What would you say, what was the best time in history of your country? What century would you call "a golden age"? 
May 15, 2018 12:24 PM
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Hello Sarah,
The 19th century was really good time in literature.  I think it's true for many countries and nations. 
The greatest Polish writers and poets were living in this period. Even though we had no independence and our land was divided between three neighbours (including your country ;-) ). Maybe these sad experiences influenced them and encouraged to create masterpieces. 
I think these circumstances apply to Russian literature too - the nation endangered by the French invasion realized how much they like their country. 
Returning to my country  - I think the golden age was 16th and maybe 17th, when we were strong enough to maintain our country, before the things started to worsen. 
I hope the times of sadness will not return to any of the nations living in the old continent. And that the writers in Europe and in the whole world will not need to write about war again... only about peace and love.
May 15, 2018