Discussion 1- If you were one of the 18 great thinkers , which problems would you discuss ?

2- Imagine you are going to live to the age of 200. What are you going to do to stop yourself from getting bored ?

1- Se você fosse um dos 18 grandes pensadores, quais problemas você discutiria?

2- Imagine que você vai viver até a idade de 200 anos. O que você vai fazer para se impedir de ficar entediado?

<em>Espero que todos participem nestas questões interessantes</em>

May 21, 2018 3:46 AM
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Hi Mars!

What a fun questions!  :D. So here things what i'm gonna do if got that chance

1. If i were one of the greatest 18 thinkers, i would like to do research about creating the most eco-friendly and effective tools to tackling oil spills problem in environment marine. Oil spills pose such huge threat to wildlife and the economy of surrounding nations. Currently, the most effective tool being used for that problem are dispersants. However, the dispersants level of toxicity is so dangerous for fish, crustaceans, and coral larvae. Can you imagine our live without fish and other marine living things? :(

2. Hmm i love to seek adventure in all of its different forms. I will create a spacecraft and travelling to another galaxy, solar system or going back in times to witness any event, such as when the first pyramid was built, how's life in classical age of Ottoman Empire and many more

How about you Mars? I would like to know your answers :)

May 21, 2018
Unfortunately, I don't know what the problem to discuss, as I'm not among those unhappy 18 great thinkers. 
And honestly even don't want to be there, taking the huge responsibility, as every medal has two sides.
"who increases knowledge increases sorrow"
Is it not very optimistic? 
OK, tomorrow will be the next day and hopefully the other mood... ;-)
May 21, 2018
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