Where do you live? Is your city beautiful?
May 25, 2018 8:36 PM
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I live in Nevinnomyssk, it is small town on south of Russia)This is the industrial center of the Stavropol Territory. Also our city represents a transport hub of railways and highways. We have two parks, cinema, a lot of shops and cafes.But despite this the climate in the city of Nevinnomyssk is moderately continental, characterized by mild winters and hot summers.

Due to the large number of water resources and mild climate, the city has picturesque reservoirs, forest belts and parks. The forest park, along the left bank of the Kuban River and the right bank of the Zelenchuk River, with nature untouched since the city's founding, is one of the city's attractions and a favorite vacation spot for townspeople.
May 25, 2018
I live in the city of Karachi in Pakistan. While it is one of the world's biggest cities with a population of over 20 Million+. Afraid to say, there aren't that many pretty sights in the city. Not much that much green to go around. Entire city is sprawled with concrete buildings. With potholes on the road lasting for a generation as the city district never bothers to fill them in. Maintenance is not well kept. It's an urban nightmare. But it's still my city and i would feel suffocated, if i had to move to a smaller city.  
May 25, 2018
For Mexico City I would just copy-paste what Suleman wrote about Karachi. Although I would dare him to find good Mexican food there :)
May 26, 2018
I live in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. It's a fun place to live in because we have a lot of shopping malls and 5 star hotels. You'll never get bored in Mandaluyong because everything's near each other (as long as there's no traffic) and you can eat, or watch a movie or shop or even ice skate with friends. There are more high-rise condominiums than houses being built in my city, it's relatively a modern city
May 25, 2018
I live in a little village near to Marseille in France.
May 25, 2018
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