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Is man by nature a traitor
first it's just discussion ,so men keep calm and relax, let us start
 i discovered that my friend her fiance loves and talks with  others girls , and she doesn't know this, and they will marry after 3 monthes , the problem is if i told her maybe she will not believe me , cuz she loves him so so soooo much , she can't her live without him .
i talked with him but he said i'm not see what i'm doing wrong ,they 're just friends, and even  if you told her she will not believe you ..!! but i'm sure that ther 're not just friends .
what i must do , also i'm afraid for my friend , what will happen to her if she knew 

i think the man's heart it's like a ship carrying alot of girls..!!

also if anyone have story like this tell me what you did 
May 26, 2018 11:09 PM
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My brother and his first wife both were members of a karate club.  It turned out that his wife was having an affair with five (!) different guys from the karate club.  My brother's "friends" who were members at the karate club knew about these affairs, but they didn't tell my brother about it.  Anyway, my brother's wife finally put a few pictures of herself naked with these guys from the club in different places where my brother would find them.  I guess that was her way of confessing.

     When my grandmother heard about this, she told me,

"I knew karate did bad things to nice girls!"

A few years later, my grandmother's sister and I were talking about Jimmy Swaggart, a Christian evangelist who kept getting caught with prostitutes.

     "It's sad, isn't it?" she said to me.  "It's sad how men have such difficulty controlling that part of their lives!"

     "Oh," I said.  "Is that why my brother's wife had an affair with five different guys at the karate club?"

     "Well," my great aunt replied.  "She was demon-possessed!"

May 27, 2018
I hope men aren't prohibited here. I believe that I'm calm and relaxed now. Thus, I've passed the test & can participate.

Let me remind some story from the Andrew Tarkovsky's film.
A man has noticed that another man is sinking in a bog. That brave man has run there immediately and pulled him out of the bog, risking his own life.
So, they are sitting on the shore, dripping with the mud, trying to return to the normal breathing. At last, the saved man asking: 
- What the hell, are you doing, man?
- What?... I've rescued you, bro!
- Are you an idiot?! I live there in that bog!

It happens sometimes that we're acting without a good understanding the reality. It could be that your friend knows more or has goals you don't know.
However, you can describe the similar story, without mentioning any specific people, and to ask her abstractly, testing her attitude to the situation. Even such question could help your friend to concentrate on her own goals and even to sort things out.
May 27, 2018
If you believe and you are 100% sure that the guy is cheating with the girl (with proof and factual information) then you should tell the girl. If you guys are true friends then you should tell and it is up to her if she will believe in you or not. Because I guess the worst part here is when someone you know knew that their partner is cheating and then they just keep it. The girl will obviously be devastated of what she will find out but I guess is it better than getting married to a cheater.
May 27, 2018

The word you want is "cheater", not "traitor".

Your friend needs you to tell her the truth. Whether you conceal it to save yourself a little pain is entirely up to you. 

May 27, 2018
If he is cheating on your friend the truth will come to light. Every lie is discovered some day
May 26, 2018
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