Let's correct Donald Trump's letter with many silly mistakes

Hi guys, probably you've also heard an information about a woman who received a letter from the US President Donald Trump and after she'd corrected his spelling mistakes, she sent it back to the White House. Can you explain why these sentences are incorrect? Thanks in advance.

In the days following the senseless act of violence that occurred in Parkland, Florida I hosted students, teachers, educators, and families at the White House for listening session on way to improve both school and community safety.

I also brought together lawmakers from both sides of the aisle at the federal and state level to discuss ways that we can protect the safety of all Americans, especially our nation's children.

I signed into law the STOP School violence Act of 2018.

I also directed the Department of Justice to issue a rule banning devices, such as bump stocks, that turn legal guns into illegal machine guns.

May 29, 2018 7:35 PM
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I have nothing against Trump, nor Obama. They are your presidents, not mine. I only wondered where are these 'disgusting' mistakes. I just asked for explaining these mistakes, if there are any. 
May 30, 2018

Eh, she is commenting on style issues, nothing of real importance.  Even the NY Times article recognizes the writer was following the official Federal Style Manual in his capitalization.  I would have capitalized the same words.

As for the highlighted portions they are not spelling or grammar errors, either she is questioning the use of the word "I" (as it is obvious the President himself didn't write the letter) or she is once again focused on style.  In some letters it is not correct to refer to the writer in the first person, "this President" or "this author" being more correct.  I thought that style stupid when I first learned it, and ignored it my whole life.

Mostly this is just the liberal rag NY Times glorifying anything that even remotely reflects poorly on the President.  Blah

May 29, 2018
They’re not incorrect. Sure, there are a few places where capitalization seems a bit off, but that’s a matter of style, not grammar — I’ve seen far worse examples on profiles of English teachers. I seriously doubt that the teacher corrects her students that harshly, or they’d all fail. It seems like the teacher in question has something against the present administration. What’s more alarming is that a supposedly serious newspaper like the New York Times would publish such drivel. Actually, I’ve been seeing examples of worse English in the New York Times lately.

Truman and Aliph also make excellent points. It is indeed especially wonderful that the school teacher and the New York Times aren’t in one of the many countries on this planet where honest criticism (to say nothing of outright slander and lies) is punishable by imprisonment or worse.

May 29, 2018
May 29, 2018

Trump's popularity is around the same as Germany's leader (Merkel), Canada's manlet Justin Trudeau, and France's president Macron.

In fact, of all world leaders, the one most loved by his people is.........Vladimir Putin.

May 30, 2018
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