how to translate well? i am now in an foreign company, and ihave to translate for the managers ,sometimes i can not catch him, so,ifanyone can help me?thank you!
Jun 24, 2010 5:40 AM
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adds:if their says need you  answear face to face,you can tell the truth for your manager,your english is not so good,and you want to catch what's means from them,you can ask them speak slowly and say simplely english sentences ,have many sentences can use simply english express
June 24, 2010
may be you can find  some tools thar can tape,when you can 't understand what's your managers say,you can do this,i think what 's they says to me,it's about  your work or what them want to you do,first you can't catch,but you repeat listen what's means who says,after somedays may you can catch,
June 24, 2010