Ivan Vatamaniuk
"Welcome to us". Is it correct? Hi there! How are you? I used a phrase "Welcome to us" as a greeting in a telegram chat. Later on, I was said that such a collocation is not grammatically correct because it has an ambiguous meaning like "Welcome to the United States". Is it really so? Should I avoid using this phrase? Would a native speaker not use it too?
May 31, 2018 4:22 PM
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For that usage you could use any of the following:


"Welcome to our community."

"Welcome to [name of your community]."

May 31, 2018
Many thanks :) I'll surely use them!
May 31, 2018

Actually, I used it as an admin of Telegram chat meaning welcome to our community. Anyway, thanks for your comment, Bruce!

May 31, 2018


"Welcome to us" would not be used by a native speaker of American English. You could just say "Welcome." If you are speaking to more than one person you could say, "Welcome, everyone."

May 31, 2018