Truman Overby
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Sarah Ferguson royal wedding: Harry’s aunt arrives WITHOUT Prince Andrew in tight dress

 The Queen must have found out about his plans beforehand and squashed them.

Jun 1, 2018 2:25 PM
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Readings news like this keeps my blood pressure stabilized. Because i, from a third world country truly care about the wardrobe choices of people in the upper echelons of society. They are one of my main nutritional sources, which allow me to thrive as a human being.  
June 1, 2018

Prince Andrew in a tight dress?

What a relief. That's a sight I'm glad to have been spared...

June 1, 2018
Yes, surely and we need more details please:)) 
June 2, 2018
Well, now we know.
June 1, 2018

 Does he have unique hobby? 

June 1, 2018