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Hello everyone!

As someone interested in learning conversational French, I am fairly new to language-learning. I learned some basics in high school such as conjugation and some vocabulary, however, that was quite some time ago. I have recently tried to start to learn again through programs such as DuoLingo and Rosetta Stone, as well as podcasts such as Coffee Break French. 

Since private lessons or tutoring can be quite pricey (and is not in my budget at the moment), I was wondering what advice or what resources I can turn to in order to practice speaking and understanding French!

Merci beaucoup!

Jun 1, 2018 11:09 PM
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I am learning french. I started learning french four years ago. You can try watching watching videos or listening to music in Youtube. This has helped me improve my listening skills in French. There are many music videos and movie or tv clips available in youtube. If you have an account at Netflix you can find french programming there or try watching a show by switching the dialogue to french while adding the subtitles in english. As for speaking french, as I have learned it is best to practice speaking french with another person who is patient will help correct your mistakes. I have practiced with language partners here and with the app Tandem that I use as well. 
June 2, 2018
Hi, Are you looking to be taught french or to teach French?
June 2, 2018
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