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Notebook Correction: Abstracts Hi everyone, how are you being?

May I ask for some corrections? 

I am hearing some conversation passages and making some notes about what I heard. The purpose is grammar correction, sometimes I do not know the exactly preposition or verb tense. The essays are below:

1.     A brief about a conversation between two students in their first class of the term.


There are two students who are taking about their elective classes, at the beginning of conversation Arthur says that this semester the has only one elective class which is Ecology Three Eleven. He explains that in the entire second year he took too many electives and now he needs to be focus on his major. Furthermore, he chooses Business Ad, as a major course because he wishes to work in the most of fields. If he wants to do Business Ad., why did he choose Ecology? He believes that Ecology is important and interesting, after all, it is information about our environmental.
On the other hand, Mayra says that Ecology Three Eleven is part of her BS program and she is excited about her new lecturer who is very engaging. Arthur meets Mayra’s lecturer and he says that the professor has a website really helpful. Arthur will send the URL from Mayra by email and also will inform if he found a second-hand book, because both of them want to save a little money and they think that a new one book is really expensive. 


2.     A brief about a conversation between a professor and his assistant<o:p></o:p>


The conversation starts which two people talking about what they did in the last holiday.
Hanna’s holiday was therapeutic. She went to countryside and her activities was nothing more than eat, sleep and listen to nature. In contrast, the Dr.’s holiday was hard working. He had outlined the last two chapters and he fells worried about his book, after all, his publishers are getting impatient.
The professor explains to Hanna that he wishes to make some changes in their syllabus program. He says to cut lectures two and three – the Old England and Middle England – down to half their length and put in a single lecture. Then, they will earn 90 minutes which will add an extra lecture about World England. The lecturer claims that students need to know more about how Modern English was developed, the dialects of these people. With these changes the lecturer will not talk about orthography much either. However, he will give a reading passage for students to learn about that and if they will have questions they will find some way to ask it.

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Hi Lilian

You posted on the discussion board, so It's difficult to do corrections. You should post it on the Notebook board.

June 3, 2018
Hi Jerome, 

Thanks for your tip, I already put there.
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