Do you remember names of famous scientist, writers or composers of your country? My 3 favourite people of each area from Russia are:

D.Mendeleev, L.Tolstoy and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. 

What about your country? 
Jun 3, 2018 4:49 PM
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I respect your thoughts K P. I have a great interest to any points of view, really. I don't understand your worries, but I try with a great respect.

I am sure we all know about Nicolaus Copernicus and William Tyndale and many others. And let's think about them. This sacrifice was worth it. This is not my idea. They thought like that. Or they wouldn't try to do anything. Their work deserve to be remembered. Specially, by those people who live in their homeland. I know there were many people we don't know even names. And what? Let's forget about all? For example, here guys mentioned scientists, I didn't even know. But I am glad they value their work. 
It's better then to know all names of actors from Hollywood. :/
June 3, 2018
@Iris: "I know some famous scientists and composers but none of them are from my country..."
I will not say anything about modern China (except Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee really I will not name anyone), but here is ancient China ...
For example, the philosophers of Confucius and Lao Tzu ... (I particularly like the philosophy of Lao Tzu: contemplative passivity, the principle of not-doing = inaction ... :) )
June 4, 2018
- Zbigniew preisner :

- Krzysztof Kieślowski : Three Colours trilogy

- Wisława Szymborska : Any knowledge that doesn't lead to new questions quickly dies out: it fails to maintain the temperature required for sustaining life.

June 3, 2018
Well...people like Tolstoy deserved to be remembered. My opinion...
June 3, 2018
Hi Iris. Just write your favourite then :)
June 3, 2018
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