Wendy Monika
I need some advise to take my English to the next level , please help me out with it ! I have learnt a lot of vocabularies in the past few years . The problem is that I just can not put them altogether to make completed sentences while I was talking to people in English in real life . I had to think what I was going to say in my head first before speaking it out. I also have listening problem in English. Most of the time I just kept guessing what people have spoken to me while I had the conversations with some native English speakers  When I watch american movies , I can guess what they tried to say in the movie most of the time. The weird thing was that I surprised that I knew every single words after I turned on the subtitles . I just dont know what to do next to improve my English listening and speaking skills. Please help me out ! Thank you all !
Jun 3, 2018 9:05 PM
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Hi Wendy,

Watching movies in English with and without the subtitles is a great start!

Have you tried listening to songs in English? You can read the lyrics while you listen at first and then try listening to the song without reading the words. After that you can try singing along! This might be helpful because 1) a song is shorter than a movie so you won't have to think about so many words at once and 2) many songs will have a repeating chorus that you can listen to or sing several times during the song.

Good luck!

June 4, 2018
How much time have you spent on your speaking and writing? in terms of making a useful sentence to express yourself. If you had not done that well, why can you expect to be a fluent speaker and listener? More often than not,  you are unlikely to become a fluent listener if you are not a fluent speaker. 

Use effective ways to practice speaking and listening from now on then you will get to know what I am talking about. 
June 3, 2018
Start watching cartoons instead movies. They pronounced better. Start watching movies or serials only if you realize that you have understood everything was spoken in the cartoons. it's like level up :)
June 3, 2018

I think this is a problem for all of us, english students. 

My advice is you keep watching the movies with subtitles and then without subtitles. 

Choice children's series like Dragon: Riders the Berk, the language is more simple because is for children. 

And you don't alone! Stay strong and focused. Don't gave up!

I think this is normal during the learning. 

Ah! It's one more thing, read a lot, news sites, books, newspapper and try to use the phrases you learn in a real life, repeat them. 

June 3, 2018
Wendy, have you tried to listen podcasts? I think you need to improve listening and to me it's a great plataform. About your first problem, when you're writing, do you have the same issue? I mean, you write very well, so you should speak like that. 
June 3, 2018