3 books that you recommend

Last days I have been reading some books but I would like to know what's your favorite book or if could you recommend me one about whatever, novel, history, documental, English or Spanish it's  ok


Jun 4, 2018 5:37 AM
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I just finished reading The Alchemist yesterday (I read the Spanish version) and it was pretty good :)

One of my favorite books is Snow Falling on Cedars

June 4, 2018
1-Kafka on the shore 
2-The Alchemist 
Deep novels make you think alot , just try to read the meaning between the lines :)
June 4, 2018

I just finished reading ¨La busqueda, el niño que se enfrentó a los nazis.¨ by Blanca Miosi.  The English version is called ¨Waldek, The Boy Who Defied the Nazis.¨  I thought it was very good.  The rest of her books are only in Spanish, so I am guessing the Spanish is the original and the English is a translation.

It is based on the remarkable story of her husband, who was a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp and had quite a few really bizarre things happen in his life. I found it a little incredible that one person could survive so much, but I still found the book fascinating.  

Both books are part of the Kindle Unlimited program which often runs free trials. If you get the electronic versions you may be able to use both versions for free or for a small cost.  The paperback versions are more expensive.  

June 4, 2018

Yes the Alchemist is pretty good :) 
I'll read  Snow Falling on Cedars I like the name :)

June 4, 2018
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